Job stress is estimated to cost American companies more than $300 billion a year in health costs, absenteeism and poor performance.”— University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Stress is costing your company thousands
or even millions of dollars.

Unpack Your Stress
Program for organizations, departments, and teams.
Led by CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke. Stress and conflict resolution experts. 

As seen on NBC, Great Day Houston, and in publications like CEO and Thrive Global.
The troubling facts on stress
  • Studies from Georgetown, Princeton, and other top universities show that when you feel stressed, your IQ drops by 10 to 15 points. 
  • Stress hijacks your brain and puts you in a low-performance state. To put it bluntly: stress makes you stupider. 
  • When experiencing stress, you can’t solve problems effectively. It’s hard to get things done. You’re more prone to making mistakes. Projects take longer than they should.
  • The worst part: 94% of U.S. employees feel stressed at work.
  • This means the vast majority of your workers are operating in a reduced-IQ state. They’re less focused, less creative, and less productive than they could be.
  • Especially right now, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, economic uncertainty, social justice revolutions, and so many other disruptions to our work/life routines, stress levels are higher than ever.

Your employees may not feel comfortable telling you this…but they’re very stressed. They’re struggling. They need resources to cope.

We can help.

Unpack Your Stress is a stress management program for organizations, departments, leaders and teams of all sizes. We initially presented this program to an organization of 500 employees at Microsoft, with excellent results. We also supported a mid-size mining company, as well as several chamber of commerce groups and small business associations across the country. 

Now we’d love to bring this program to you and your organization.

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“If your organization needs support to help your employees become more effective, productive and resilient in dealing with the stress of doing business, hire CrisMarie and Susan from Thrive Inc. Their program made a noticeable difference for our organization. CrisMarie and Susan provided group sessions, team debriefs, and 1-on-1 coaching to help our employees get through the disruption of Covid-19. Their sessions were dynamic, interactive, engaging, and gave our employees practical tools they could apply immediately their situation. Our employees really couldn’t say enough positive things about their experience. Highly recommended.”

- Gavriella Schuster, CVP, Microsoft
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Stress is costing your company thousands or even millions of dollars. 

By investing in the Unpack Your Stress program, you’re improving peoples’ lives, health, performance at work…and your bottom line. 

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Format and timeline

We can present the Unpack Your Stress program in a variety of formats, depending on your budget and preferred timeline.

Real change usually requires more than just a one-time conversation. That’s why we typically recommend a 3 month Unpack Your Stress program, which includes:

  • Initial assessment to find out your company’s stress score.
  • Six training sessions (can be delivered virtually via MS Teams, Zoom, or your video platform of choice) on stress management, communication, leadership, teamwork, accountability, and conflict resolution techniques. 
  • Smaller break-out sessions for teams to discuss the specific issues they’re facing. 
  • Facilitated conversations between management and employees to build greater trust. 
  • Plus 1:1 coaching sessions for select employees who want (or need) more help. 

While we do recommend a 3 month program for most organizations, we can also present Unpack Your Stress in other formats too—including one-day and half-day seminars. Contact us to discuss options.

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"What I appreciated most about coaching with CrisMarie Campbell during our Microsoft Unpack Your Stress Series was she able to help me identify and shift unproductive reaction patterns. She offered me unique, easy-to-use tools which continue to help me respond more effectively in stressful situations - both in and out of work. And she unlocked a whole world of interesting research and methodologies that will help me continue on my own developmental journey."

- Aileen Hannah, Director at Microsoft

“I can’t say enough about working with CrisMarie and Susan from thrive! The Impinj executive team works much better as a result of their assistance and we continue to use them for crucial conversations regarding our most pressing business issues. In addition, I have personally grown, and I am using the techniques and relationship skills to enhance my performance as a CFO.”

- Chef Evan Fein, CFO, Impinj

"The one-on-one Unpack Your Stress coaching I did with CrisMarie was very powerful. She gave me easy-to-use tools to settle myself which helped me in COVID, in business, and even my personal relationships. Because she has such extensive knowledge of business, she became my trusted advisor providing me unique and helpful career direction. I won't hesitate to coach with her again."

- Tereza Nemessanyi, Global Strategic Alliances, Director Microsoft

I am so pleased with the work that thrive! did for our executive leadership retreat. They executed with high skill. Specifically CrisMarie and Susan had:

  • Terrific grasp of our business goals
  • Ease in steering us towards productive conversations
  • Excellent time management and tangent wrangling
  • Valuable insights on good business practices
  • Skill in keeping all parties involved without forcing them to participate
  • Great senses of humor and were adept at kept things light-hearted.  

The entire management team expressed not only their thanks, but were impressed and pleased with the facilitation.”

- Greg Lambert. CEO, TERRA Staffing Group

"I commend you for your professionalism and for your attention during the entire event.  I know this was a trying experience for my peers, but I have already received several notes of appreciation for providing this growth opportunity.  I am very grateful to you both for coming through with the experience that I was hoping for. I agree that we still have much work to do, and I know that our success will depend on how well we follow through.  I believe that future work with you will be beneficial. 

Last, being a dedicated INFP, I would be remiss if I did not tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you both and how full my heart was after the sessions.  I trust that you understand—you are both the real deal."

--Joseph Brimhall, President University of Western States

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Before and After
Before doing the Unpack Your Stress program, you might notice your employees:
  • Seeming distracted, unfocused, and overwhelmed.

  • Making costly mistakes, missing deadlines for deliverables, dropping the ball.

  • Engaging in secretive behavior like scrolling on social media (or finding other distractions) instead of actually working.

  • Not showing up for video meetings without explanation, or turning off their video during meetings (…and you’re left wondering what they’re doing.)

  • Reacting irritably, arguing more, being snippy with one another.

  • Not knowing how to talk about difficult subjects, feeling anxious, avoiding important conversations, fearful to “bring up” certain topics because it’s going to create more stress.

  • Working longer hours (and perhaps requesting over-time pay) but producing less
After your employees complete Unpack Your Stress, you’ll notice:
  • Greater focus, creativity, prioritization abilities, and productivity.

  • Better collaboration between teammates, with a willing, positive, “let me help you out,” “when you win, we all win” attitude.

  • People visibly engaged in video meetings, contributing, and asking great questions.

  • Fewer mistakes, higher-caliber work, getting deliverables done on time and on budget.

  • A willingness to bring up uncomfortable topics, initiate discussions, and find solutions.

  • Better communication and conflict skills overall. Responding rather than reacting.

  • Working the same amount of time (or less) but delivering far more.

  • Fewer sick days, fewer “I’m not actually sick, just sick of work” days, and fewer people putting in their two-weeks notice.
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Topics we cover
Each Unpack Your Stress program is customized to the organization. Here are some topics we typically cover:

The ME
Understanding yourself, your personality, and how you typically handle stress.
  • Your brain on stress. What happens to your IQ, decision-making abilities, and performance when you experience stress.

  • The best strategies for de-escalating your nervous system and bringing your stress levels down within 90 seconds or less.

  • How to prioritize tasks and say “no" to work that will not move the business forward.

  • Finding your ‘stress sweet-spot’ where you feel motivated, but not paralyzed, and how to work from that zone.

The WE
Understanding how to communicate and work well with others.
  • Hot button issues: how to talk about difficult, emotionally charged topics and find actual solutions…instead of talking in circles and getting nowhere, or avoiding the topic.

  • How to be influential within your organization even when you’re not “the boss” and don’t feel like you have much authority or power.

How to create an organization where people can thrive and do their best work.
  • How to build your team and have effective meetings even when working virtually.

  • How to support your team during stressful times, but also hold them accountable and ensure they’re doing their jobs, even when people are working remotely.

  • Strategies for handling the new stressors of 2020, like the stress of working from home, or the stress of coming back to work when you might not feel safe to do so.
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Implementation Approach

We do presentations with your organization twice monthly. Depending upon what package you purchase, you can get pre-recorded sessions, or we can do these live and tailor them to the needs of your organization, live interacting with your people during the session to address their specific concerns.

You also have the option to add on Power Coaching, which is 1:1 coaching for 30 minutes per person. This helps your people apply these tools directly to their unique situations. It also deepen the learning and effectiveness of the program, increasing the ROI of your investment.

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About CrisMarie and Susan

CrisMarie Campbell, MBA, and Susan Clarke, MA, have spent 20 years helping their clients reduce stress, resolve difficult conflicts, and create stronger relationships. 

Campbell competed in the Olympics in her early life, then went on to earn an MBA, work for Boeing, and become a certified coach and mind-body coach. She uses stress management techniques to coach leaders to stay in forward momentum and become high performers. 

Clarke is a leadership coach, marriage and family counselor and certified equus coach. She helps people find their most authentic leadership style, speak from the heart, and build deep trust and rapport with their teams, while also holding people accountable to their duties at work. 

Campbell and Clarke have given a TEDx talk on how to manage conflict. They’ve given presentations on conflict resolution, communication, and problem solving at Fortune 100 companies like Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, AT&T and Nationwide, and at organizations like the Gates Foundation, University of Washington Medical Center, Cray and the San Francisco Giants.

Campbell and Clarke have co-authored two books: The Beauty of Conflict, which focuses on workplace/team conflict within companies, as well as The Beauty of Conflict for Couples. Learn more about their work at:

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Interested in bringing Unpack Your Stress to your organization, department, or team? 

The first step is to fill out our 5-minute questionnaire by clicking the "I'm Interested!" button below.

After that, we’ll schedule a 30-minute discovery call to learn more about your situation, goals, and budget. 

Then we’ll propose a recommended program/course of action for you. 

Thank you! 

We look forward to helping you and your employees thrive at work.

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Praise for CrisMarie and Susan’s programs

"I was introduced to CrisMarie and Susan when they came in to work with our leadership team at Microsoft.  I really value their perspective on teams, conflict and building trust through vulnerability, curiosity and real-team work on business issues.  I have reused their materials over and over to great success with leaders and teams. I'm thrilled that this book is now out for other leaders.  Their style is real, personal and practical.  It’s a must-read for a leader wanting to build strong relationships and get great business results.”

--Kim Hardgraves, Microsoft Director, Business Operations & Compliance


“We engaged CrisMarie and Susan during a period of crisis during a critical project, and with their guidance, we developed into an effective leadership team (our “A” team) and overcame some significant barriers.   As a result, we have more leadership, clarity and alignment throughout the broader IS organization.”       

--Patrick Dolan, Program Director-Clinical Information Systems, Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center


"Your work with our team is helping transform the way we work together.  We are a much different management team today than we were 6 months ago.  Our ability to collaborate to get to great decisions quickly and have buy-in to execute results is markedly improved.  Your group really understands our team and has made our teambuilding both productive and rewarding."

--Terry Michaelson, President CraftBrew Alliance


“What is unique about CrisMarie and Susan is their blend of business savvy and team dynamics. I found CrisMarie and Susan to be straight-shooters, easy to work with and professional. In terms of time and money well spent, I would highly recommend CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke. I will gladly call them up the next time I have a people, leadership or team issue.”

—Gary Casteel, Vice President GSA Services 


“Please know you had a positive impact! Everyone appreciated the event. You're dynamic, engaging, and really read the room well. I am extremely grateful for the contributions not only you have made to the Giants, but to me personally. I’d love to have you back again.” 

--Leilani Gayles, SVP and Chief People Officer

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For additional info on stress and how it negatively impacts your intelligence, decision making abilities, and performance at work, we recommend these articles and reports.

University of Massachusetts-Lowell: The financial burden of job stress.

American Institute of Stress: Worrying workplace stress statistics. Princeton University study on stress and IQ

NY Times: Study ties IQ scores to stress.

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